Products & Services Overview

Products and/or Services provided through CAVY E HQ eBLitzNet RICent
Channel Various Website Website
Business registration
Individual business page
Business introduction write up
Business logo
Business photo
Contact details
Operating hours
Website address(es)
Favourite links address(es)
Business address
Google mapping of business location
Featured businesses' logos in 'Home' page
Listing by company names, areas & products and services
Multiple categories listings
Keyword searches
Promotions listings in business page
Promotional coupons
Vacancies listings in business page
Promotions listings in separate webpage
Vacancies listings in separate webpage
Business 'star' ratings
Customers' feedback
Business review & feedback to Clients
Systems improvement reviews and recommendations
Information requests

* The provision of the above products and/or services are subject to CAVY E Fees Schedule & Payment Details as well as Terms and Conditions.

Many more services have been planned for our Clients and customers as part of our future expansions. So, come on board with us and we will be strive to serve you to the best of our ability.


CAVY E Fees Schedule & Payment Details

We would like to share with you on the details, but we find it more personalized if we get to provide to you directly. So, contact us now for the details!