Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need to be listed online?

The answer to this is the same as the answer to why you want to be listed in a manual directory i.e. to tell the directory users of your existence, to be known and to increase your potential of being spotted for the type of products or services that you provide thereby increasing your sales.

However, with the technology advancement and the limitation of a manual directory, many has turned to online search engines or directories for information. It is also more convenient to many especially now with the developments of smartphones and mobile notebooks.

I need to pay for listing under eBLitzNet. Why do I need to pay to be listed in eBLitzNet directory when there are so many free online directories?

Well, apart from the services that we provide, which are presented in our Products & Services Overview, we find that many directories in the market are free BUT the information provided may have became obsolete or the listed companies may no longer be in the market but yet still listed in the directory.

To us, it is important that a directory is kept up to date for it to be useful AND this is one of CAVY E's primary intention in starting this listing business. Despite our intention, we will not be able to support this mission without any funds therefore, we are charging very minimal fees as compared to other paid services in the market for our products and services.

So, if you are agree with us and let us provide useful information to the public together!

I am interested to join you to provide useful information to the public! How should I proceed?

If you found us through online reference or searches, do drop us an email or fill-up our contact form and we will contact you for the registration of your business.

Otherwise, CAVY Enterprise's Business Development Partners (BDPs) or their appointed representatives will locate you.

Once we have gone through the registration process, your business information will be listed in as well as kept in our database.

I would like to register with you but I am worried about my personal information.

CAVY Enterprise is committed to privacy in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (the Act) in Malaysia. If you are from a foreign country and would like to list with eBLitzNet, please read through the Act and only contact us for registration if you agree with the Act.

Read more about our Commitment to Privacy in the Terms & Conditions section.


How can I enjoy RICent services?

You can enjoy our RICent services by taking one of our offers below:

  1. Be our eBLitzNet member and enjoy up to 3 request services for free!
  2. Or just be our RICent customer for one time request service or by taking our RICent deals!

For details on our charges, please refer to our CAVY E Fees Schedule in Read More section.

When can I expect a response from RICent?

We will strive to respond to all our customers within 48 hours.

Is information from RICent reliable and complete?

Completeness and reliability of the information is highly dependent on the registered eBLitzNet Clients.

Though, we strive to gather and provide all information available as registered within our eBLitzNet directory / database to all customers.

We shall not be liable for any misrepresentation of information by the registered eBLitzNet Clients. Kindly go through our terms & conditions.

Is information in eBLitzNet reliable and complete?

eBlitzNet Clients' information shown in is gathered and endorsed by the Clients themselves prior to uploading by CAVY E.

Thus, reliability and completeness of the information is highly dependent on the information endorsed by Clients.

We shall not be liable for any misrepresentation of information by the registered eBLitzNet Clients. Kindly go through our terms & conditions.

Is the business information supplied by RICent taken solely from eBLitzNet or from other sources as well?

We are committed to provide useful information to our Clients & customers and for it to be useful, it has to be valid and up to date information. Thus, information supplied by RICent will be taken solely from eBLitzNet database. However, customers may submit special request for information to be gathered from other sources. In such situation, apart from our Terms of Use, we will not be able to validate the business status, existence or information obtained from other sources.

I am interested in your services! How should I proceed?

As an eBLitzNet Client, we will contact you once your free services / requests have been used up. Due to the low value of our fee, we suggest that you sign up for packs of 5, 10 or 15 services with discounts of 10%, 15% and 20% respectively.

As a non-eBLitzNet Client or RICent customer, please proceed as per the following steps:

  1. Select type of RICent service i.e. one time request or package deals;
  2. Make the payment to our bank acct: MBB 112223043220 Cleopatra Susan Lajawai;
  3. Fill up and submit our online request form through eRICent or for those without internet connections, can call +6013 811 0827.
  4. Wait for confirmation emails / SMS of receipt of your request(s).
  5. Wait for our response within 48 hours.