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Tony’s 1st excursion was in the year of 2008.  It is named after our founder’s name, Tony C.  Tony’s have been around and about not only in the city of Kota Kinabalu (KK) but also the city’s outskirt as well as smaller towns in the state of Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia. 

It was by chance that Tony’s started in 2008.  How?  Well, a friend asked Tony, the founder, for a favour to drive him and his friends around town with a small fee.  As Tony recalls, the 1st cruising really made his day.  The feeling of witnessing happy and contented group of people after a full day of excursion around the city was indescribable, he said! 

After that day, Tony vowed that this incidental event in his life is going to flourish into a business of his own. 

You must still be wondering, what it is that Tony’s do?  Well, as you can see from our logo Tony's, which was newly designed (credits go to CAVY Enterprise and Digitize Me please), we operate an excursion business… bringing people around is Tony’s business and we love travelling with our customers, which come in all ages and all walks of life, locally and internationally.  



As mentioned above, Tony’s provide excursion services and we have vans and/or busses to fit any size of visiting groups (i.e. minimum 6 pax in a group).  

We understand how stressful and annoying it can be when we are constantly interrupted by tour drivers during our visits.  Because we understand, at Tony’s we vowed to have happy and contented customers all the time.  As such, Tony’s CUSTOMER SATISFACTION policy includes ‘Let them be and go ONLY when they say GO’.  In other words, at Tony’s we let our customers have the most of their time whilst visiting places eventhough it passes midnight. 

However, for our customers’ safety, we do require our customers to at least provide an estimated time for departure and if they have to extend their stay for more than 30 minutes, we would appreciate a text message.  This way, we will at least be assured that our customers are safe.  

Other services provide for Tony’s services include:

  • Airport transfer;
  • Pick up from home/hotels as well as visited locations;
  • Tour guides include guides speaking Kantonis, Mandarin, English and Malay;
  • Hotel bookings (if required);
  • Food and drinks packing for planned excursions (customers have to pre-book at least a day before); and
  • ‘Places to eat’ guide/recommendations.



Tony’s been to many places and we particularly recommend the followings to all travellers in Sabah:

Around Kota Kinabalu (KK) City

Take a cruise with Tony’s around KK, experience the night drive and enjoy the view from the highest point in KK City at Signal Hill Observatory Platform!  Signal Hill is the same point that marks the border between the original land and reclaimed land from the sea.  Good thing is, it is FREE!

Kinabalu Park

Looking for fresh air or natural environment?  Well, head up north with Tony’s and we’ll bring you to the Malaysia’s first World Heritage, the Kinabalu Park.  Established in 1964, this 754 square kilomers park houses more than 4500 species of flora and fauna, including 326 birds and about 100 mammal species[1].  

It will take approximately 2 hours drive from KK City.  Please be prepared for a minimal fee at the Kinabalu Park entrance and it varies for adults and children as well as foreigners.  For more information about the location or uniquenss of this park, do google for Kinabalu Park.

Mount Kinabalu

Or Gunung Kinabalu (in Malay), is well-known for being the highest mountain in the Borneo island as well in the Malay Archipelago (i.e. the group of islands between Southeast Asia and  Australia). This majestic summit stands at 4,095m above sea level.  Now, you may enter the mountain from two focal points in the Kinabalu Park and these two trails i.e. the Summit Trail and Mesilau Route, will bring you to Layang-Layang Hut at 2,740m.  This is a good location for eager climbers or first timers who want to experience the uphill walk but at leisurely manner.

Do be warned however, that there are risks of closure due to bad weather so, to avoid disappointment, do contact the relevant management office before confirming your travelling dates or for more info, you may also visit or

Poring Hot Spring

After your refreshing visit/stay at Kinabalu Park, take another scenic drive up northeast of the Park with Tony’s to the lowlands and soak your stresses and aches away in the hot sulphuric minerals tub at the Poring Hot Spring.  Pack some food and drinks and enjoy your meals with you loved ones at the provided spots at the spring.   

Minimal fees apply for adults, children and foreigners.  Do read more about the Spring and google for Poring Hot Spring for more info!  

Islands off the coast of KK

These islands include… 

  • Pulau Tiga,
  • Pulau Sapi,
  • Manukan,
  • Mamutik,
  • Mantanani, and
  • Many others…

Tony’s will be at your hotel/doorstep to pick you up and send you to your next destination point.  Just let us know the time for pick up from both points

Rivers for Water Rafting

These are none other than the famous Kiulu River Rafting and Padas River Rafting.  Kiulu River is located in Tamparuli, a small town at northeast of KK whilst Padas River in the southwest of KK, which trails alongside the old railroad between two small towns, i.e. Beaufort to Tenom.  There are different level of excitement as well as charges for both locations, so do check out the places before you decide!  Tony’s will pick you up from your hotel/doorstep and drive you for a good meal or procure necessary supplements/things before sending you to your water rafting starting point.  Just let us know your preference of a good meal or whatever that you need!    

There are many more places recommended for your visit while in Sabah, such as the cultural village, the prosbocis monkeys park, the Sepilok tour, the zoo and if you would like to experience the drive to Sarawak, our neighboring state in the Borneo island, you can also visit the Mulu cave, Miri, Limbang, etc. 

We suggest that you plan your time for all the places during your stay, else, you can always come back!  We will be happy to help you with your trips bookings as well as arrangements with local tour agents for FREE!  Of course, this only applies for our customers riding with Tony’s.  



Our team can be arranged to fit the size of the touring group.

At Tony’s, customers safety is of high priority.  With this in mind, every drivers in Tony’s team own a valid driving license, a clean driving record and trained to be alert at all times.      



While it is our pleasure to serve all our customers, we do require advance bookings of at least two (2) to four (4) weeks before the actual excursion or travel dates.  This is to avoid disappointment for last minute bookings.  



We always welcome the opportunity to work with any tour agents or guides in Sabah.  Therefore, whatever your tour group size or wherever they are from, you can always contact us for further arrangements! 

However, early confirmations are preferable in order for us to arrange our time, drivers, vehicles and/or tour guides.  We do not want you or your customers to end up with lingual problem during your or their tour as this will effectively bring down everyone’s mood!



YOU name the time! But… do have some mercy as our drivers need at least 6 hours of sleep before the next ride.  A refreshed driver is purely for your own safety…



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2008 年的某一个偶然机会下, Tony 应朋友的臨時委託带领一班来自香港的亲朋戚友做亜庇市-郊区的一个一日遊招待,,讲解了本地的风土人情,历史古迹、品嚐道地的美食与小吃.此外还得到客人的小费打赏.这种幸福及满足的感觉, 实在难以形容.  那天之後Tony 觉得在这方面发揭了自己的兴趣.於是毅然辞去了现有的工作,全心全意投入导遊的行列.成立公司及新設计了以自已名字做为标志 Tony's  (亏得 Cavy Enterprise 和 Digitize Me 公司). 我们 的业务包含了带领本地或外地各年龄层人士走遍沙巴州及砂朥越州各大小城鎮.


Tony's 的服

Tony 的个人宗旨是要誏所有的顧客滿意、尽兴、及享受提供完美服务、从不催促、草草了事、换句話説,即使过了午夜时分.只要顧客仍想体验本地夜生活,Tony 会一一为你们服务。

为了顧客的安全起见,我们会要求每到一个景奌、如玩的不夠尽兴想多逗留一会可事先30 分鈡通知我们切保你们仍然安全及延後下个行程的时间安排.

提供免费导遊服务(如超过10 人数) 导遊語言选择,广东、华語、英語、馬来語.


Tony 's 旅䢟特别推荐

2. 探密神山公园、 我们将带您到馬来西亚首个世界遗产一   
神山国家公园. 体验自然界的奇妙,高原新鲜空气、它離亜庇市 ,大约2 小时車程 、在1964年这裡列为754 平方公里做为动植物的保留及棲息地、这裡有超过450 0 动植物、3 2 6 种鸟类、100 种哺乳动物

3. 神山它是东南亜最高的山、海拨4095 米.如有兴趣登山者、这裡两个登山路缐.即summit Trail & mesilau Route 另外 Layang - Layang Hut 2740米、为初次登山者的好去处.
为了免受不良悪劣气候的影响、可事先联系公园有关管理办公室,确仼当天气候环境、或者查詢以下http: / / w w w. mountKinabaIu. com or / / www. Sabahparks. org. my 的詳细情形.

4.  Poring 温泉公园
遊玩神山公园後,再往东北方向到另外一个充滿熱带气候及富有热硫黄矿物质的poring 温泉.泡在热温泉池裡可把一天的疲劳和酸痛一掃而空,同时享用在森林公园裡的美食,飲品、及寧静的气份
想知詳情,請查詢谷歌有关poring Hot spring k k Sabah

5.  亜庇岸外海島之旅
           5.  mamutik

还有其他.誏我们知道你们的行程,Tony 將会在酒店门口接送你们到所响往的目的地

6.  Padas 激流泛舟或九鲁河慢漂流水上活动
九鲁河位于亜庇市东北方向Tamparuli 小鎮、这个行程适合一家大小体验两岸美丽风景的九鲁诃慢漂流,而巴达士泛舟激流在亜庇巿往西南方向丹南小镇、这个行程可体验战前蒸气火车老鉄路之旅、方到达目的地、你们的决定Tony 会在洒店前带你们驱车到紧張刺激的巴达士泛舟之旅或是九鲁河享受慢漂流.


在沙巴建議你们多逗留参訪更多的地方、如文化村、prosbocis 猴子公园,山打根西必洛人猿公园、动物国.


我们建議逗留期问计㓰好行程,好誏我们有充足的時间安排、不致平白浪废在商議与詢问上. 当然我们欢迎你们再次重䢟、我们乐意帮助你们预訂行程及免费安排参与本地任何旅行社的行程、但只限於Tony 的顧客.


Tony 的团队

我们的团队提供13 人座的䢟览車为你们服务、超过以上人数我们可分为两部車,

Tony 耒説,照顧客人的安全是高度重视的、考慮到这一点,Tony 团队裡都是有效而干浄的驾驶記录.








[1] Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

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