Soma-Vita® HARMONY Card

Soma-Vita® Harmony Card has an additional value-added biological friendly protective and beneficiary qualities as it contains programmed Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® Nano-Atto Harmonic frequencies.  Below are the Harmony Card User Testimonials for your pleasure reading: 
U1. "I am 72 year old. I experienced continuous back and right knee pains for 6 years. After placing Shen-Ion HarmoNIK activated harmony card to my painful back the pains gradually disappeared.  I then strapped the Harmony card to my right knee continuously for several weeks. Now I can walk with less pain and sometimes no pain" CCT Kota Kinabalu Malaysia
U2. "I regularly suffered from severe headaches when I was stressed from my architectural work to meet datelines.  I bought the Harmony card for Euro120 (RM550) and put the Card over the most painful area on my head and put my cap on to let it stay in position.  After several weeks of using the Card my headache is completely gone. Now my wife is using the Card to reduce her monthly menstrual pains. Thanks the inventor, really grateful." AR Amsterdam
U3. "I have been having neck pain which causes mild but irritating muscle spasms for some time.  On 15Jul17, Cleo, one of my NLP students in Kota Kinabalu, introduced me the Soma-Vita Harmony card to help me ease my neck pain. She explained that the card can give me strength and energy when I carry it around with me or when I use it with my food & drinks. After getting the card, I held it to my painful neck and true enough, my neck was pain free after 5 mins.  I even feel energetic despite being busy the whole day.  I highly recommend this card as a pain management tool to anyone who wants fast & meds-free relief from pain" Great Minds NLP Academy Founder, LB, Miri Sarawak Malaysia
U4. "I usually get bad headaches and vomits every time after my daily running exercises... I remembered that I have the Harmony card and tried it on myself... Amazing! My condition was not as bad as I always experience it.  Highly recommend to all" Awed Babagon Customer, Sabah Malaysia
U5. "I usually get monthly menstrual pains and I placed the Harmony card on my stomach... after 15 mins, my menstrual pains disappeared." RH, Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia
U6. "I can't sleep last night no matter how tired I was... I put the card under my pillow and I was able to sleep till morning. Thanks to Harmony card." Kinarut Lady, Sabah Malaysia
U7. "I have been having bad flu for the past few days... I can't even sleep well at night and I had to use a lot of tissue to clean my wet and stuffed nose.  When I got the Harmony card, I put it under my pillow and surprisingly, I slept the whole night, soundly! Amazing card!" RH, Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia
U8. "I can't take spicy chili, although I love the taste of chili.  I was told that chili contains aggressive elements and thus, cause the spiciness and consuming chili usually create more work for our internal organs before we can fully consume the benefits of chili.  I was told that Harmony card can help to reduce / remove the aggressive elements of food and drinks as well as external frequencies around us.  So yesterday, I tried it on my chili and it WORKED!  I was able to enjoy my chili and my food without having to grab for the water like what I had to do before. GREAT card!!!" CSL, Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia
U9. "I have just given birth two days ago... I jusg got home yesterday and since then I can't seem to get my milk out. My baby can't get nutrition from me. It worries me. And to make things worst, both my breasts have been engorged and swollen from yesterday up to today. My sister asked me to place this Harmony card, one on each side of my breasts. My milk automatically come out after 20 mins!!! Harmony cards and sister are my saviours!!! The next time my breasts start to swell, I just put the cards on both sides and my milk able to gush out again! Now, no one can touch my Harmony cards and my baby can get the nutrition she needs! Am very happy to be able to breastfeed my baby and be relieved from swollen + painful breasts" Happy New-Mommy, Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia
U10. "My daughter was having fever and headache. My sister was very nice to her... she gave her plain water to drink but only after she placed it on her Harmony card. She gave my daughter enough plain Harmony energized water for the night. Believe it or not, my daughter's fever and headache have completely disappeared this morning! I want to have one Harmony card to myself too!! Thank you to my sister" Grateful Sister, Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia
U11. "I usually get my drinking water from the tap at home. Everytime, I take my water, I was greeted by the chlorine smell in the water. I disliked it and I know drinking chlorine water is not good for my body but what can I do as filter system are quite highly priced and I can't afford to have a good system. I got this Harmony card and I was told that it helps to remove the chlorine smell and taste from the water. I tried it and YES! It is true and the water actually tasted like spring water! It tasted so fresh and there is no chlorine smell in the water!! Now, whether at home or outside, I always use my Harmony card with my water. Well done inventor and thank you" SL, Kota Kinabalu Sabah
U12. "I had a toothache for hours after my visit to the dentist. I placed the Harmony card on my cheek, the location where I have the toothache. After 10 mins, my toothache stopped. Now I use my Hamony card on every part of my body, which aches every now and then and everytime, the pain goes away after a few minutes" Happy-To-Pain-Free User, Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia
U13. "Sebelum ni sya mengalami Sakit Sendi selama 6 tahun suda. Sya suda cuba bbrapa cara ubatan tuk penyakit sya ni tpi tdk brkesan juga. Suatu hari mcm 12 hari yg lalu sya d perkenalkan ole rakan fb sya Stella Basil kpda satu peralatan yg dia ckp bole bantu mengurangkan n nnti akan hilang sakit sya ni. Sya pun dptkan peralatan ni yg d namakan HARMONY CARD. Saya guna Harmony Card ni lebih kurang 12 hari saja tpi kesannya suda cukup jelas. Sakit sya brkurangan suda. Sya ikut ja cara2 penggunaannya iaitu letak Harmony Card d bawah gelas air minum (vitalize the water) n meminum air tu sekerap mungkin. Sya letak Card ni d bahagian yg sakit juga pada bila2 masa ja sya mau. Bole bawa tidur juga sebab ia bole bantu saya tidur nyenyak juga. Saya brsyukur kpda Tuhan dpt tahu tntang Harmony Card ni. Memang sngat2 berbaloi membeli dgn harga RM180 saja sebab bnyk kebaikannya dan bole guna seumur hidup. Bole d wariskan lagi." Mr JJ Koupusanku, Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia
U14. "I am a father to a 4mo baby and I was very sad because more than a month ago I was told by the doctor that my 4mo baby's left eye may need to be operated due to a whitish area covering my baby girl's iris. I was devastated. I have recently bought a Harmony card from a friend named Ann and I shared this sad events with Ann. I told her that the doctor asked to see baby again in Oct 2017 to reevaluate for operation. 
Ann told me to wait so that she can ask Cleo for advise. Ann came and told me that Dr Jes Lim a naturapathy and metaphysic doctor maybe able to help my baby girl and that the problem with her eye is, there was a past life jnjury caused by an arrow 'stuck' in her eye. So I waited until he came back from overseas to see him on 30th Sep 2017. And while waiting, Ann advised me to place the Harmony card on my baby girl's left eye for 5 mins, twice a day, when she sleeps and also to let her drink vitalised water & milk daily. Me and my wife did as advised and since my baby girl is very quiet type, sleeps a lot and not so active when she was awoken, we had no problem to do so. We noticed the whitish area slowly get smaller and fading away. We met Dr Lim and Cleo on 30th Sep 2017 at 10am and Dr Lim did his special therapy for my baby girl. Dr Lim said he had pulled the past life arrow from her eye when he saw my daughter's picture and also reactivated and reopen her pineal gland to reduce the incidence of autism and also reactivate all her internal organs which were partially 'shutdown' due to modern toxic baby vaccination. During the therapy my baby girl was very attentive to Dr Lim. She seemed to understand what he was saying as she kept on looking at him while Dr Lim did the therapy. After about half an hour, my baby girl started to move more actively and we noticed that the whitish area in her left eye has faded a lot. That same night until today, my baby girl is quite active( her autism is now removed) and the happiest thing for us is, my baby girl is healthier and her eyes, are better! Thank you Dr Lim, Cleo and thank you so much to Ann for introducing this magical products and amazing people to me and my family!!" Grateful Father of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo
U15. "Thank you Ann...very happy to know recommended me the Harmony......Dr told swollen face is due to Lymphatic problem....but after medication still can't reduce the swollen face.... But after Harmony my face is less swollen ....and I am surprised at the added result too, my face is not so dull, my energy level is better. Most importantly, I appreciate this Harmony card, it bring me health!" Lady with Lymphatic Blockage, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, Asia
U16. “The Harmony Card has helped me to sleep soundly at night now. Before this my husband’s snoring had been keeping me up but after using the HC his snoring has reduced and sometimes no snoring at all. I would use the HC when I feel dizzy or lightheaded, after about 15 minutes of use it does the trick and I don’t feel it anymore. I also use the HC when gastric pains strike me. When I placed it on my navel area where I feel the most pain, the pain disappeared before I even realized it.” 
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, Asia
U17. “I used it on my stomach and immediately felt relief. After that I put it onto my stomach and my stomach felt very calm. My mom tried using the HC one day after I told her how I felt. After she had used it herself, she told me that the boy pain that she had had significantly reduced. Putting it under my pillow at night also helps me have better sleep at night. I wanted to bring the card everywhere I went but my mom also wanted to use the card, so I was thinking about buying another one so that the both of us have one for ourselves.” Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, Asia
U18. “This working mother of three was feeling helpless when her young baby's body temperature shot up to between 38-39°C though after he was given a baby shot of paracetamol. The mother herself has been deprived of good sleeps for many nights now due to her paining left shoulder (more like related to work stress and her loves of strong coffee… lots of it) She just got the harmony card for few days and has not been able to digest all the info yet. As last night was already past 12am and she was out of her wits to bring down her baby's body temperature, she took out the harmony card info slip and read it through. She collected water in a big scoop and put the harmony card inside for a few minutes. Later she took a small towel, soak it inside the scoop, wrings it and wipe the baby all over. After a short while her baby's temperature went down to 37.7°C and it makes the baby so calmed, he slept through the remaining hours even when she contacted me around 6:50am this morning. As for herself, she placed the harmony card under her pillow and she was sound asleep and well rested as if she had slept for long hours! Though, actually she slept for 3-4 hours only!” Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, Asia
U19. We have another sharing by our beloved products user... This sharing by Ann Lee on her experience of using the Soma-Vita® products such as the Harmony card, VBelt, Seat Cushion and also Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® programmed crystals and necklaces... Ann Lee shared with us below:

BEFORE using Soma-Vita® Products

° restless nights & woke up 3-4 times every night

° always in bad mood

° gets tired easily

° always get body pain

° get angry easily

° moody caused agitation and led to a lot of arguments at home

° migraine frequently

° high cholesterol level ° worries for my health, work, family and life

After using Soma-Vita® Products

~ sound sleep everyday

~ don't get tired easily and feel energetic & active everyday

~ work with happier mood

~ happier mood led to better relationship with family at home

~ lost a lot of weight (no more excessive fat around my waist!)

~ no more migraine

~ no more high cholesteral

~ feel healthier and able to focus during work

~ BEST is I have a better lifestyle as compared to before" 

U20. “This 15 year-old teenager suffered from this horrible & unsightly skin disease since she was 7 year old. For 8 years her parents have brought her to many different medical centers for treatment (ie. hospitals & private clinics) and have tried many products on her with hope to find a cure for their beloved daughter! After 8 years of suffering, her ordeals have finally come to an end! Thanks to her sister-in-law, Stella Basil for her kind heart and thoughtful mind, to help her recover with just 'plain water', vitalised with our Soma-Vita® Harmony card and Dr Lim's natural remedies prescription. Below is the progress of this 15 year old's journey when Stella Basil 1st saw her on 2nd week of Dec 2017. Stella was quick to start her sister-in-law with HC vitalized plain water and after two weeks she asked for our help to acquire for Dr Lim's natural remedies to help her sister-in-law to recover further. Thanks to God for Dr Lim and thanks to the belief and faith of Stella, the 15 year old girl and her parents, this girl finally has the chance of having a beautiful leg (see transformation summarised in the last picture, which showed the condition of her leg after 5 weeks!)” Keningau, Sabah, Malaysia, Asia


U21. Sharing by a Very Happy User in Malaysia

i)       "The Harmony card activated & vitalised water tastes so good!"

ii)     "I just love the Harmony card!! No more menstrual pain for me!!! Back in home town, I have been taking pain killers for my menstrual pain since I was a teenager. In Malaysia, I had to take panadol for my menstrual pain and even that, the panadol relieved me of pain only for few hours. But with Harmony card, the pain went away within few minutes of use and stayed away for the rest of the day!"

iii)    "This Harmony card is amazing! It relieved the oil burns on my hand within minutes!!!"

iv) "I love the Harmony card! No more stubborn pimple!!! As shown in photo below, I had my pimple above my eye since February 2017... I have been trying to get it to heal but it just doesn't heal! But with Harmony card on it plus I drink Harmony activated & vitalised water everyday, walla!! It is just a small scar now and no more pimple!" 

U22. "I have to tell you that my kid, Basile, 13 years old is now fan of the vital harmony card!!! Indeed, 2 weeks ago, while he was playing in a football game he received a kick with a football player shoe on his left eye! He got instantly a third eye growing in between his eyebrows!!!! I immediately put him lavender and incenses essential oils on his wound and the harmony card on his big bump on his forehead! He had a bit of a headache and gave him peppermint essential oil. We kept doing that for 2 or 3 days. The bump went off on the same day and he never had bruises or black eyes afterwards! Look at Basile's pictures with and after the Harmony card! As well, after I gave him his card, he used it to vitalize his water and forgot about it and left it quite a long time below his glass of water. Then he came and told me how sweet was the water, almost like if he had put some sugar in it. Yes, indeed Basile has his own card now That he carries around his neck up to his belly. He is so proud of it and now Agustin who's 9, wants one too!" Charlotte Carbonnel, A Very Happy Mom from Mexico City, Mexico!

U23.  "The #HARMONYcard really helped! And you know when you sit too long in one position on a plane, your ribs will be painful. I just placed my Gold Harmony card on the painful area, and the pain went away!" Traveller from United Kingdom to Malaysia

Testimonial on plants:

UP1. "My Kaffir Lime plant's leaves were yellowish, not bearing any fruits and looked like dying. I had this plant at the back of   my house. It felt sad to see it dying... Then my niece, Rose, told me that I can use activated water (with Harmony card) to  water my plant too. So I tried it! I watered my Kaffir Lime plant with 1 bottle of activated water early in morning everyday. NOW after two weeks, LOOK at my healthy Kaffir Lime plant!!! It is even bearing lots of fruits!!! I am so happy!!!" AL, KOTA KINABALU SABAH MALAYSIA

UP2. "The owner has started to water his baby white & black pepper plants with our Soma-Vita Harmony Card for 25 DAYS ONLY and has only used fertilizers once in these 25 days!!! User said he saved on fertilizers!!! How great is that?!  See how the plants have BIG LEAVES and GROWING so HEALTHILY!!! Now he is just waiting to harvest the fruits of his plants! Wish him a good harvest!!! Like our other user on her plant in 2nd picture, who is very2 happy!  Home grower, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

White & Black Pepper Plant with Harmony card

Testimonial on Animals:  

UA1. "This sharing is about our beloved family member, a 5 mths old dog named Taylor. About more than a month ago Taylor suddenly fell sick and started to show red spots around her eyes (PIC#1) and her belly (PIC#2) It was very bad and disheartening to see Taylor shaking uncontrollably and so badly that her saliva kept dripping (PIC#3 & PIC#4) and she even pooped during her seizure attacks. On 13 Dec 2017, Taylor was confirmed by the vet as having a sickness called Distemper (PIC#5). It is said to be a kind of serious viral illness and incurable. Taylor's eyes were red and the hair around her neck has dropped a lot. Having that knowledge and looking at Taylor suffering, my family was tempted to help Taylor to end her suffering. But I don't want to give up yet and decided to give it a week of treatment with vet's medications and Harmony card. So apart from vet's meds, I immediately started cleaning her red eyes, her red belly and feed her with Harmony card vitalised water everyday. A week later, the vet confirmed that ticks have gone into Taylor's blood vessels. It was really hard for me & my family to see Taylor suffering that way. But we did not give up on Taylor! And I continued to clean Taylor with vitalised water and feed her with her meds. Thanks to GOD, as after 3 weeks, the redness around her eyes and belly has disappeared! She stopped having seizures! And on 7 Jan 2018 (PIC#6), the vet confirmed that Taylor's sickness is completely gone! And she is CURED! The vet was surprised and said Taylor is very lucky dog to have survived this sickness. See how healthy Taylor is doing now... The pictures was taken on 12 Feb 2018 (PIC#7 to PIC#9). She has grown much more fur now. Actually we were the lucky ones! So lucky to have Taylor back in her happy, healthy and playful state. Thanks God, thanks our vet and thanks Harmony card" Happy Dog & Family, Kota Kinabalu Sabah [To view the photos of this particular dog, please go to AEI Facebook page at this link:


UA2. "Yesterday I had a nice experience with the harmony card. My cats eye was watering. Probably an infection. I put the card over the eye and send healing energy. At night when I came back home it was gone. I am so happy", Sabine of Germany, Europe



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