Soma-Vita® FU-LOVE Card

Soma-Vita® Fu-Love Card is an updated design of the ancient Taoists 100 Calamities prevention talisman used by Taoist masters and common persons in China for spiritual and holistic harmony and protections. This Soma-Vita® Fu-Love Card has an effective range of 1.5 meters from the human wearer’s body to block unwanted entities and negative vibes from coming into the normal human’s auric fields of one meter around the body. This Soma-Vita® Fu-Love Card has tri-purpose enhancement benefits to bearers namely enhancing the human body’s vitality, promoting universal love & harmony and enhancing spiritual and holistic protections. This Fu-Love Card has an additional value-added biological friendly protective and beneficiary qualities as it contains programmed Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® Nano Harmonic frequencies.
  • are programmed, vitalized and negatively ionized nano harmonic soft wave calming pulsing frequencies friendly and beneficial to humans, animals and plants; 
  • are not powered by battery or electricity and non-magnetic, which may interfere with normal body cells functions; and
  • support to improve the well-being and vitality of humans, animals and plants.
  • NERVOUS, IMBALANCED & PERSONS WITH LOTS OF FEAR: Any person, especially those who is always nervous, fearful and imbalance, is recommended to carry this Soma-Vita® Fu-Love Card in trousers’ pocket when visiting to any places or unfamiliar places, to avoid any unwanted entities, negative energy and vibes from the environment to be attached to their auric energy fields. 

  • REAL ESTATE AGENTS, CONSTRUCTION WORKERS, ARCHITECTS & INTERIOR DESIGNERS: Soma-Vita® Fu-Love Card is a good protection for real estate agents and construction workers visiting or working at unoccupied homes and office buildings or haunted buildings, which often time have high levels of negative metamorphosis frequencies, bacteria and fungus.  Workers and construction workers working in hazardous locations and environmental conditions are also recommended to carry the Soma-Vita® Fu-Love Card to provide them extra protection while they carry out their work.   

  • HEALTCARE WORKERS, HEALTH THERAPISTS, MASSAGE WORKERS & HAIR DRESSERS: Soma-Vita® Fu-Love Card provides support and protection to medical and healthcare workers, healers, therapists, masseuses and hairdressers when they work with unhealthy persons, emotional imbalance persons and persons with mental disorders. 

  • FENG SHUI & TAO GEOMANTIC LAND & BUILDING/CLEANSING & REVITALIZATION CONSULTANTS: This Soma-Vita® Fu-Love Card provides protection to Tao Geomantic and Feng Shui Consultants while they carry out their Feng Shui, Earth and house/building cleansing and cleaning work to balance, harmonize and remove negative frequencies and entities in those areas. 


  • CEMETARY WORKERS / CUSTODIANS & FUNERAL VISITORS: Those attending funerals or visiting grave yards or working in cemetery and funeral centers can bring the Soma-Vita® Fu-Love Card to keep them from getting attached to negative frequencies or unwanted entities, which are commonly present in such places. 

For Effective Usage, put the Fu-Love Card in trousers’ pocket with the ‘FU’ side or symbol facing OUTWARD to ward off or prevent negative energies or entities from coming into the body’s auric fields.
Those who felt imbalanced (dizzy spells or floating in air) or very tired after visiting certain places, put the Fu-Love Card in the palm with the ‘FU’ side facing OUTWARD and move the Fu-Love Card around the whole body from the head down to the feet at least three (3) times to cleanse and remove unwanted attached entities.  Then take a shower and put the Fu-Love Card in the pocket with the ‘FU’ side facing the body.
This Fu-Love Card’s vitalization, harmonious and protective frequencies are guaranteed for 10 years, however, for normal usage it should be good for the lifetime of this Fu-Love Card.  It can be washed with non-corrosive soap and can be used by different members of the family after washing or immerse in tap water for five (5) minutes.    
a. The positive effects of the Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® Nano Harmonic frequencies in the Soma-Vita® Fu-Love Card and other humans, animals or plants friendly Soma-Vita® vitality enhancing products, can be seen from the scientifically amplified extra brilliant full six sided Emoto crystals pictures which liken to nature’s most healthy full six stars shape snowflakes – the highest sign of nature’s vitality, purity and clean, as shown below:
b. Well-known scientifically and medically accepted applied Kinesiology technique and human body vitality bio-feedback test machines can also be applied to prove the positive vitalization, harmonious and spiritual protective effects of the Soma-Vita® Fu-Love Card on humans.


NOT MEDICAL PRODUCTS: This Soma-Vita® Harmony Card and all its related vitality enhancing products are not medical products. For health issues please consult qualified medical doctors
POSITIVE SIDE EFFECTS: Any persons using Soma-Vita® products that have been programmed with Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® Nano Harmonic frequencies technology for the first time, may experience some positive side effects in their body.  These positive side effects may include increased body energy, need less sleep, pain disappearing after use or even headaches, heart palpitations, feel tired for a few days, pins & needles sensations etc.  Such positive side effects indicated that the body cells are trying to get rid of long embedded toxins or blood clots especially on the head caused by past injury and prove the effectiveness of the Soma-Vita® products. Soma-Vita® product users are advised to continue to consume the Soma-Vita® vitalized water in order to familiarize the body cells with the vitalised energy or to further improve the blood and energy circulation in the body holistically. Nonetheless, if users are concerned and feel uncomfortable at any time, please STOP using the products and consult the Soma-Vita® products advisors or please consult qualified medical doctors.
Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® Nano Harmonic frequencies technology was invented in Germany in 2003 and its range of healthcare, health prevention and pains management products have been marketed in over 25 countries in Europe, North Americas and Australiasia.  The products have no known bad side effects and the nano harmonic frequencies embedded are guaranteed for life.


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