Soma-Vita® Aqua Vitaliser

Soma-Vita® Aqua Vitaliser has additional value-added biological friendly protective and beneficiary qualities as it contains programmed Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® Nano-Atto frequencies.  
Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® Nano Harmonic frequencies:  
  • are programmed, vitalized and negatively ionized nano harmonic soft wave calming pulsing frequencies friendly and beneficial to humans, animals and plants;
  • are not powered by battery or electricity and non-magnetic; and
  • support to improve the well-being and vitality of humans, animals and plants.
1. Aqua Vitalised water contains many programmed frequencies which are harmonic, vitalizing and beneficially necessary to maintain healthy body cells wellness; 
2. Aqua Vitalised water has brilliant six sided crystals in its structures like pine clean snowflakes and as drinking water and in cooked food also facilitates to vitalize blood and body cells, helps to clear blocked qi and to reduce allergies and strengthen the functions of body cells, organs and improve immune systems;
3. Aqua Vitalised water is also smooth to the taste and more palatable than ordinary tap and bottled drinking water; 
4. Aqua Vitalised water has many qualities of fresh vitalized mountain spring water; 
5. Clothing washed with Aqua Vitalised water creates a positive smooth and warming body feeling and good wellness. Activated water is much smoother and softer thereby requiring less detergent and softener to wash clothes;
6. Bathing in Aqua Vitalised water also improves skin conditions, increase skin vitality and reduce skin dryness as well as risk of skin allergies; 
7. Raw fruits and fresh vegetables soaked in Aqua Vitalised water for 5-10 minutes substantially improve vitality and are more harmonic and tasty to eat;
8. Aqua Vitalised water helps to improve vitality of plants and enhance their growth;
9. Chickens, birds and animals such as domestic pets (dogs and cats), horses and cows daily fed with Aqua Vitalized water and Soma-Vita® vitalized feeds are healthier and need less antibiotics.  Soma-Vita® vitalized feeds are less aggressive and toxic to the birds and animals; 
10. Swimming pool water applying Aqua Vitalised system has lower bacteria and germ counts thereby needs less toxic chlorine and chemicals to kill bacteria and virus to protect the health and wellness of spa and swimming pool users;
11. Osmosis water or desalinated water, normally called “dead” water can be vitalized using this system; 
12. Aqua Vitalised water system comes in different sizes depending on the needs of clients, from the smallest Aqua Vitaliser I for homes to a jumbo design for a building with many office units and apartments; and
13. Aqua Vitalised water systems are available for fountains, public pools, swimming pools, family homes, offices, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, hotels, hair salons, various types of businesses or village/town/city water systems that need high quality vitalized healthy water. 
1. In order to maximise its benefits, Aqua Vitaliser system is installed on a building’s incoming water pipe. For buildings with water storage tanks, it is best to install the Aqua Vitaliser on the water tanks outlet (down) pipes. The pulsing frequencies slowly penetrate into the pipes and incoming water that supplies to the entire residential / commercial unit. 
2. The continuous pulsing harmonic and activating frequencies activate water along the pipes also help to reduce the pipe calcification and plaque along the internal piping system thereby improving the smooth flow quality and purity of the tap water.
3. Over a period of several months, the Aqua Vitaliser frequencies will also anchor onto the piping system of the whole building thereby support to vitalise the vita energy of a building and the wellness of occupants.
4. The Aqua Vitalised water system strapped onto water pipe without the need for plumbing work and do not require maintenance or recharging and is good for life as long as their original casings are not broken or tampered.  
1. The positive effects of the Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® Nano-Atto frequencies in the Soma-Vita® Aqua Vitaliser and other humans, animals or plants friendly Soma-Vita® vitality enhancing products, can be seen from the scientifically amplified extra brilliant full six sided Emoto crystals pictures which liken to nature’s most healthy full six stars shape snowflakes – the highest sign of nature’s vitality, purity and clean, as shown below:
 Structure of City Tap Water
2. Well-known scientifically and medically accepted applied Kinesiology technique and human body vitality bio-feedback test machines can also be applied to prove the positive effects on the immune system and improved vitality of the users of Soma-Vita® Aqua Vitaliser; and
3. A summary of the Malaysian laboratory test on samples of unfiltered chlorinated residential house tap water shown the following results, before (Sample 1) and after 9 days of Aqua Vitaliser being installed (Sample 2 and 3):


Sample 1

Non-activated &

Unfiltered Tap Water

Sample 2




(with Aqua Vitaliser)

Sample 3



Activated &

(with Aqua Vitaliser)

Test Description and Explanation

Source of Water

Ground Floor Kitchen Tap

Ground Floor

Kitchen Tap

1st Floor Shower Tap

pH Value @ 25°C




Higher alkalinity (for kitchen tap water it is higher by over 15%)

Free Residual Chlorine* (as Cl₂),mg/L




Reduced chlorine content in activated water (i.e. over 14%)



This Soma-Vita® Aqua Vitaliser and all its related vitality enhancing products are not medical products. For medical issues please consult qualified medical doctors.



Any persons using Soma-Vita® products that have been programmed with Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® Nano frequencies technology for the first time, may experience some positive side effects in their body.  These positive side effects may include increased body energy, need less sleep, pain disappearing after use or even headaches, heart palpitations, feel tired for a few days, pins & needles sensations etc.  Such positive side effects indicated that the body cells are trying to get rid of long embedded toxins or blood clots especially on the head caused by past injury and prove the effectiveness of the Soma-Vita® products. Soma-Vita® product users are advised to continue to consume the Soma-Vita® vitalized water in order to familiarize the body cells with the vitalised energy or to further improve the blood and energy circulation in the body holistically. Nonetheless, if users are concerned and feel uncomfortable at any time, please STOP using the products and consult the Soma-Vita® products advisors or please consult qualified medical doctors.  



Shen-Ion HarmoNIK® Nano-Atto frequencies technology was invented in Germany in 1997 and its range of healthcare, health prevention and pains management products have been marketed in over 25 countries in Europe, North Americas and Australiasia.  The products have no known bad side effects and the nano harmonic frequencies embedded are guaranteed good for life.



UAV1. Shared by Tress Abudance on 26th December 2017 as below: 



UAV2. "Initially she bought 1 Soma-Vita® Aqua Vitaliser 1 for own use but immediately after that she bought another one for her mother and her sister.  Her sceptical mother noticed that after the aqua vitaliser was installed, she did not need to dye her hair as often as before and her hair is growing light brown colour.  Prior to using vitalised water for shower & hair wash, her mother’s hair normally grew like snow (white hair) and had to be dyed black every 2 to 3 weeks.  The Aqua Vitaliser 1 was installed before Christmas in year 2017.  Her mother last dyed her hair at end of November 2017 and up to today, 2 weeks into January 2018, she does not have the need to dye her hair yet. The same thing happened to the user’s sister and the user herself.  Normally, they can see the white hair growth almost immediately after few days of dyeing as their hair grows very fast.  After using vitalised water they can see that their hair grows with very light brown colour like blonde now.  User’s family members are feeling more energetic now as compared to before." Happy Penampang AV User, dd 15th Jan 2018


UAV3. "Customers of the coffeeshop commented that now, the drinks and even plain water tasted much better than before.  The coffeeshop owner had installed the Aqua Vitaliser 1 for their drinks station since 8th September 2017." Coffeeshop in Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia

AV at Coffeeshop


UAV4. "My little nephew was having fever and feeling weak when his mom brought him to my house.  I asked my nephew to play in the tub filled with aqua vitalized water so as to reduce his fever.  Although he was weak, he couldn't resist the opportunity to play with water.  After 15 minutes in the tub, he got out and he no longer felt weak or have fever!  He started to be his active self again!  It was simply amazing!" AV User of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia  


UPAV1.  On 18th December 2017, a Happy User in an Apartment in Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia shared that the user noticed that her hair has grown a lot of baby hair after installing the Aqua Vitaliser at her apartment in mid of November 2017.  She also felt her hair softer and did not need to use much conditioner. User also used the vitalized water to water her asparagus plants, which she grow at home, and noted that the plants grew very fast, 22” in 6 days only! (refer pictures below).
AV with Asparagus
UPAV2. The owner of this plant had her entire home water supply vitalised with our Aqua Vitaliser water vitalising system. She bought this plant from the market and found that the plant is 'sick' (look at the leaves). Look at the transformation of this plant in just 29 days! Beautiful isn't it?! And most importantly the plant is HEALTHIER!!! AV  User of Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia
AV Plant Recovery at Home
UPAV3. We are happy to share another recent update from an organic farm in Penampang, North Borneo, Malaysia, namely Country Garden Farm (, who's owner has installed and tested our Soma-Vita Aqua Vitaliser since 19 Jan 2018... In the photos, which were taken at the farm, were two plots of lady's finger plants... So, on 19 Jan 2018, the Country Garden workers were asked to water and fertilise all their crops as usual (Fertilised AV plants) except one plot of the lady's fingers only to be watered and NOT to apply any fertilisers (Non-fertilised AV plants). As the whole farm's water system is equipped with Soma-Vita Aqua Vitaliser water system, every plants received vitalised water (apart from the rain water on occasionally when it rained). In less than 2 months (ie from 19 Jan 2018 to 12 Mar 2018), the farm has harvested their crops and as you can see in the photo, which was also confirmed by farm workers, the NON-FERTILISED AV plants grew much taller EVEN WITHOUT fertilisers and produced similar quantity as FERTILISED AV plants. So, this means, farmers can save a lot of money on fertilisers and now their plants can be wholly & fully organic!
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