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Ever wished that you can have that beautiful kitchen set or bedroom set you saw in IKEA catalogue / ONLLINE SHOPPING websites BUT do not know how to GET THEM WITHOUT flying over to West Malaysia?  OR do you ever wished to have those lovely and amazing products at the best DEALS but do NOT have the TIME to go through the process of e-window shopping? 


Well, you found us!  Our trade name is AJ Paradise (002061456-M) and our Facebook page is  Sabah IKEA / Groupbuy Shipping Agent.  We made it our business to bring your favorite IKEA and online products to your very doorstep*! 

We, as IKEA lovers, so daring to bring IKEA back to our home but have no way of deliver it to East Malaysia. So we wondering if there is other IKEA lover somewhere around this Borneo island that we can gather together to bring back the favorite furniture to our home.

Who do not like to shop? Especially on SALES time! Well, we found a way that you can have your lovely item on sales price every day! No matter you purchase your own in discounted websites like Groupon or you buy in group with us;  That is the concept of  Groupbuy! “Gather a group of purchasing power for better price.”

Vision Statement

To change customer spending power


Mission Statement

Bring IKEA and online products to East Malaysia


Our Business Mark

Our Business Mark

YES!  Since May 2014, residents of the East Malaysia can own their favorite IKEA or online furniture or those creative kitchen utensils in your home! At Sabah Ikea / Groupbuy Shipping Agent, we BUY the goods for you, we SHIP for you and we even DELIVER to your doorstep*! 

* refer below for terms and conditions.


IKEA Products

While we are promoting IKEA products, we find it important for IKEA concept lovers to get to know more about IKEA and below is just a little background which we gathered from IKEA’s very own website!

The ever improving concept starts from the IKEA logo…

     IKEA ever improving concepts

                    1951                   1954                   1967                    1981                   1983


And their story behind their name IKEA…

“The IKEA name combines the initials of IKEA founder, Ingvar Kamprad, (IK) with the first letters from the names of the farm and village where he grew up
- Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd (EA). The IKEA logo has hardly changed during the company’s history and the 1967 version remains a consistent symbol of the IKEA business.”

To own THAT affordable home furnishing products in IKEA is no longer an impossible task especially for those that do not travel to the West Malaysia, Singapore or any country where an IKEA store resides!  Now, you can make your home livelier and modernize it with the IKEA home furnishing concepts without even leaving Sabah!


All you need to do is simply…

1. Find the IKEA products you want from IKEA website at, apps (just download “IKEA” from Play Store) or refer to the online catalogue at IKEA website.

2. Let us know the specifics as below:

  • Item Code and Name;
  • Article Number;
  • Package measurement and weight; and
  • Size and color.

Above info can be obtained from the Product Information of every IKEA items! And…

3. Contact us at our specialized customer service number!  (Check out our number below)

Millions of homes around the world are enjoying the IKEA lifestyle!  Would you like to be one of those millions?  Well, wait no longer and browse through the IKEA products NOW!

But hey…

What next? Hmmmm...

Do Not FRET!! 


Can’t find anything you like on IKEA?  Check out!  Apart from food and travels, Ensogol also offers daily deals on the best stuff to buy in Malaysia! 

Do you know that this ever-growing online flash sales website is the brainchild of Catcha Group, one of the Southeast Asia’s largest and most dynamic media holding companies?  Amazing deals and products can be found in Ensogo and it features over 8,000 products from high-end branded goods, everyday items for home to indulgent pampering packages at attractive discounts!!!

The good thing about Ensogo is, and this is one of the reasons why we at AJ Paradise strongly recommends this site for online customers, it practices 100% Money Back Guarantee philosophy!  What they want is to ensure that their customers are happy and satisfied with their products and services and this is in alignment to what we want for our customers as well.

So, feast your eyes at!

 Next? Well, read on and look out for our business mark below! 


There are plenty of great deals on Groupon and we have many friends and families that really love the deals and of course the goods and services from Groupon!  So do not be left out and check out NOW!  Next, look out for our business mark below!


Jackcow is another growing portal with smack down deals!!! 

Since it was launched in March 2011, Jackcow has been offering up to 50% discount vouchers for selected products and services offered by merchants in the whole of Malaysia! So, if you are looking for gifts for that special someone and would like to buy varieties of gifts at one time, be sure to find it in Jackcow!  Not only can you get it easy, but can enjoy maximum savings too!  

There are many more deals on Jackcow!  Feast your eyes at and let us do the rest for you!  Look out for our business mark below!





SIMPLE steps to follow:

One – See what you like.

Two – Tell us what you like.

Three – Pay for the goods.

Four – Wait for our notification!

 *Refer below for more details on how to proceed.




Basically, we will post a deadline date for quotation request and payments on monthly basis.  After the deadline normally, we will head to IKEA in Kuala Lumpur to purchase the ordered item(s) within 3 to 5 days after receiving customers payments.  Order(s) is/are expected to arrive 3 to 4 weeks after the deadline date.  We will inform our customers through personal messaging (PM) at FB, SMS or call and  WhatsApp.


If our customers were to purchase from online discounted website, we will bring the item(s) back to Kota Kinabalu when carry out our shopping IKEA Kuala Lumpur.  



Our team is made up of 5 number of professionals, everyone having their own specialties or expertise. 

Team [Ordering] – Specialize and focus purely on collecting orders from our customers, source for the required orders, document the orders accordingly and place the orders after payments are received.

Team [Billing] – Specialize and focus purely on computing the amounts receivable from customers based on the documented orders, compute the transport fees chargeable, notify customers on billings and follow up on payments.

Team [Delivery] – Specialize and focus purely on logistics arrangements from vendor’s point of collection up to the customer’s point of collection / delivery.

Team [Accounts] – Specialize and focus purely on accounting works for AJ Paradise.

Team [Insurance] – Specialize and focus purely on insurance needs for customers and their goods from all aspects including MARINE CARGO & TRANSPORTATION ON GROUND.



Just follow our simple guide below : 

  • Select  

      Choose what you like…


  • Order         

Please text us the following details so that we can send you the quote for the total price payable within 48 hours:

- Item photo;

- Article Number or Product Code;

- Preferred Color; and

- Size (if applicable); and

- Required date.


  • Payment      

After receiving our quoted price and you are agreeable to it, kindly bank in the payable amount to our bank account number as below:

      Payee Name:         AJ PARADISE

      Bank #1                 PUBLIC BANK  (A/C#3170479801)

      Bank #2                 MAYBANK A/C#564762308530

      Bank #3                 CIMB A/C#8007480744

Once the billed amount has been banked in, kindly send us the bank in slip and provide us your:

- Name;

- Contact number; and

- Bank used for payment

The best way to contact is through WhatsApp / WeChat / SMS to +60 18 9631693.



  • Arrival      

Normally orders will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete and this period is counted from Closing Date for shipments.   

Arrival Date & Collection Date will be announced in Facebook and each of our customer will be informed personally by our representative.                               


  • Charges    

Our charges only include delivery up to our Kota Kinabalu warehouse.  If delivery or assembling services are required, extra charge applies separately.


  • Pick Up    

Pick up is available but only from our warehouse either in Kepayan, Kota Kinabalu or 1Borneo.  There will be no charge for pick up services unless if it is picked up after 3 days (see our Storage Charge). 

Our customers will be informed through Facebook / SMS / WhatsApps / WeChat of the actual location of the pick-up point.


  • Storage charge    

For collections within 3 days after item's arrival, there will be no charge for storage.

There will however be a storage charge of

- RM10.00 for items not collected after 3rd day up to 7th day; OR

- RM20.00 for items, which had to be stored by us from 8th to 14th day after arrival.

Items which are NOT collected after 30 days will be forfeited and NO refunds will be given.  Therefore, kindly make necessary arrangements to get your ordered items!


  • Shipping & Handling Fee 

Minimum shipping fee is chargeable to customers at RM45.00 per order.  Hence, it is advisable to order a minimum of RM200.00 of total items price.

Where total purchases exceed RM200.00, the following charges will apply and these fees only cover delivery up to Kota Kinabalu warehouse only:

1. Shipping Fee

                 i.            25% from normal priced items

               ii.            45% from yellow tag items

2. Handling Fee

                 i.            RM10.00 for items below 10kg

               ii.            RM20.00 for items more than 10kg

             iii.            RM50.00 for items more than 100kg

             iv.            RM100.00 for items more than 200kg (subject to change if item(s) is/are too heavy or too large) 

Shipping fee is based on size of items and items will only be sent once the shipping fees have been fully paid and collected by our Billing team.

For outstation deliveries, kindly request advise upon ordering and obtain a quote for the extra delivery charges in order to prevent any hiccups or delay to the delivery of your ordered items.

* We retain the right to change ALL or ANY of the above terms & conditions without prior notice.

Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at our Facebook or you can contact us at our mobile +60 18 963 1693. 

Happy Shopping! {^_^}

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