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Every Child Needs A Family


About Us

OrphanCARE Malaysia is a non-profit non-governmental organization established in 2009.  It’s objective is to give every orphan and abandoned babies in Malaysia, a loving home.

Our Beliefs

We believe that every child needs a proper family with love, care and security.

It is heart-wrenching to read and see pictures of abandoned babies, many of whom are left to die in unsafe, secluded places such as toilets and rubbish dumps, presumably in the hope that a kind stranger will find the child.

Sadly, many abandoned babies are not so lucky, dying of dehydration or even being eaten by wild dogs. It was reported in Malaysia the incidence of abandoned babies is about 100 cases per year.  The actual number of babes that are abandoned is not really known and is estimated to be higher.

With a large proportion of “hidden” cases whereby the babies are given up for adoption and managed in a private and illegal manner by those who offer refuge.

Baby Hatch Services

The set-up of OrphanCARE was the driving force behind the establishment of the country’s first Baby Hatch in May 2010.

Situated in suburb Petaling Jaya, a detached house has been installed with the facility, allowing anonymous mother to safely leave their baby inside the air conditioned baby hatch.

Our procedure is very simple. Anyone who wants to place newborn babies in the baby hatch has to...

  1. Come to our receiving centre;
  2. Cover their faces if they want to remain anonymous;
  3. Open the hatch door (refer to photos shown below for each available centres);
  4. Kiss or say goodbye to the baby and wish him/her a good family and future;
  5. Place the baby inside, on a nice comfortable mattress;
  6. Close the hatch door; and
  7. Sign the Consent Form and place the baby's medical & delivery certificates, if any, in the document box provided just next to the baby hatch.
  8. If there are no documents, please write a note with a date of birth, time of birth, any injections/immunisation the baby was given.

Rest Assured

  • Once the door is closed, no one can steal / take the baby as the door will automatically lock from inside;
  • Once inside, the baby is visible on the television monitor and the caretaker will be automatically notified; and
  • There are no hidden cameras anywhere at our centres to take your picture or record the delivery of the babies to our centres, as we have no intention of identifying the delivery person.  Our UTMOST care is only for the wellbeing of the babies!
  • Most important of all, THE BABY WILL BE SAFE AND IN GOOD HANDS!

The OrphanCARE baby hatch does not address the problem of inappropriate and careless sexual relationships, but it surely provides a better option and reduces the number of babies being abandoned in unsafe places.

The aim is to discourage women, especially young unwed mothers who have nowhere to turn to for help, from abandoning their babes by providing the assurance that their babies would be placed for adoption with caring parents.


Please Be Informed

  • the act of leaving a baby in the hatch is not a criminal offense.
  • all baby hatch cases will be reported to the police as it is one of the procedure in having the baby adopted.
  • the adoption will be handled by court.
  • the baby will be stateless (no citizenship) until the adoption is finalize and the adoptive parents apply for the baby's citizenship at JPN.

We encourage biological parents of the baby to walk-in and talk to the officers instead of dropping the baby in the hatch...

  • to expediate the adoption of the baby.
  • so that baby would have citizenship.
  • so that it is less hassle for everybody to deal with the police, the court, the hospital etc.

Adoption Services

OrphanCARE is working closely with other Government departments, NGO’s, the media and members of the public to help reduce the number of orphans living in orphanages and abandoned babies in Malaysia.

We do this through the adoption services!  We take every adoption process seriously and therefore, anyone who wishes to adopt a child, has to go through a strict screening process.

This is to ensure that the child is adopted by parents that really deserve or need the child.

To adopt a child, please fill up our online form in our website or call us for more info!

Baby Hatch is Available

At Petaling Jaya

Petaling Jaya

      No. 6 Lorong SS1/24A, Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya,

      47300 Selangor Darul Ehsan.

      Tel:  03-78761900






At Johor Bahru

Johor Bahru


       No.64, Jalan Padi Mahsuri 1, Bandar Baru UDA,

       81200 Johor Darul Takzim. 

       Tel:07-2328012 / Hotline:019-7262368





At Kota Bahru

Kota Bahru      

       Lot 2330, Lorong Padang Penjara, Jalan Pengkalan Chepa,

       16100 Kota Bharu, Kelantan Darul Naim.

       Tel:09-7731864 / Hotline:010-9228859





Volunteering Works and Good Samaritans

The organization also welcome extra hands and hearts that care to come volunteer and make this initative a success and we applaud you for it.

After hours emergency number (after 6.00pm): +6 010 2830 528


Contact &/or Other Information:

PJ Center Tel
+603 7770 1900
PJ Center Fax
+603 7780 1900
PJ Center Email
admin [at] orphancare [dot] org [dot] my
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9:00 AM
5:00 PM
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Baby hatch - save babies
Adoption services - babies and older

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