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“We Move Your Goods”


GG Trading is proprietarily owned by Mr. Hsu Yun Shen and it was registered in Tuaran Sabah since year 1999.  Our registered principal activities include transportation of goods particularly food and beverage items, be it for re-distribution, re-selling or for own use, in whole of Sabah, FT Labuan and Lawas.  Supplementary services include declaration services for transportations of meat items to FT Labuan and Lawas.


"We Move Your Goods"


"To be one of the preferred transportation company in whole of East Malaysia"


"Together with our team, we will strive to transport all goods with utmost responsibility, accountability and timeliness, aiming to exceed customers expectations."

A little bit about our past...

Our founder, who is none other than Mr. Hsu Yun Shen himself, started this business as a freelance driver and started operating from his home at Kg. Nambazan in early year of 1998.  With his own 2.5 tonne Toyota truck, bearing a memorable plate number of SA3051F, our founder personally collected and delivered goods around Kota Kinabalu (KK) and outskirts of KK City. 

With high commitment to providing quality distribution services, our founder has developed and enforced its Business Tagline, Vision and Mission Statements throughout its organization.  GG Trading slowly and steadily gained credibility amongst its customers and gained popularity amongst the goods distributors.  Over the years, GG Trading earned a number of loyal customers and through many recommendations, its customer base increased further.  New drivers and trucks, include refrigerated trucks, were acquired to meet growing demands.  

With united vision and mission, our team of management and drivers continue to serve the goods distributors and we have expanded all the way to East Coast of Sabah, Lawas and FT Labuan. 

GG Trading Group

Why GG Trading services…

  • One of the leader in refrigerated trucking services;
  • Consistently recognized by our customers as providing excellent services and outstanding reputation for timely distribution, honesty, responsible and responsiveness;
  • Family owned and operated leading to unity in vision and mission, thus stable and accountable;
  • Well maintained trucks to exceed customers requirements in dry and refrigerated goods distributions;
  • Dedicated and well trained team of GDL-licensed drivers; and
  • Most importantly, a highly committed and responsible owner.


GG Trading can service our customers with substantial coverage, capacity and flexibility to suit every business demands within Sabah, FT Labuan and Lawas.  Our transportation services include:

  • Collection of items at customers’ warehouse or at any collection point as required by customers
  • Transportation of goods (dry)
  • Transportation of beverages and foods items (dry and wet)
  • Transportation of frozen food
  • Declaration services for meat distributors to FT Labuan and Lawas

GG Trading Services

Every load is important to us! We accept loads in various forms and as below:

- Minimum 30 packages;
- Half truck load; or
- Full truck load.

For any below minimum packages, distributors can contact owner for special arrangements.

To ensure all packages are delivered in one piece and without any / much ‘interruptions’ on the road, we highly advise that our customers provide us FULL and COMPLETE documentations of all items / packages. 

We offer dedicated transportation services at times and we aim for:

  • customized and personalized services;
  • minimized waiting time for collection;
  • on time delivery;
  • minimized risk of contamination, especially food items; and
  • maintaining hygiene and sanitary condition to an appropriate and satisfactory level. 

We also acknowledge the importance of segregating halal products from products decreed as non-halal during our transportation, handling and delivery process. Therefore, it is very important that every customer 

  • to clearly communicate to the drivers the halal and non-halal products in the load;
  • to clearly and prominently label the halal products; and 
  • to physically segregate the halal and non-halal products.

Everyone's cooperation is important to ensure the successful delivery of any loads and we will strive to do our very best to deliver the best services for every load.



Just to name a few of our ongoing and past transportation projects undertaken by us:

  • QSR Stores S/B (Tawau, Sipitang, Labuan, Lawas, Beaufot, Sandakan, Ranau)
  • Pizza Hut Restaurants S/B
  • Jun Moh Syn Enterprise Company
  • Lee Supplier
  • Sea Pro Frozen Foods
  • Victoria Food and Services S/B
  • Premier Cold Storage

New projects are coming in!  With that, we know that Sabahans will be able to endulge more new and tasty food products AND we are PROUD to be part of that food distribution chain. 

Just to share a few of our clients' testimonials below and we hope to add in more in the future, as a testimony of our services to all goods distributors in Sabah.

~ Transport services since 2002
~ Transportation of all frozen goods from KK to Labuan
~ Strongly recommends GG Trading for Good Services (Quick, Responsible and Honesty)

~ Transport services since 2011
~ Transportation of all frozen goods from KK to Sandakan, Tawau and Labuan
~ Strongly recommends GG Trading for Good Services (Quick, Responsible and Honesty)

~ Transport services since 2012
~ Recommends GG Trading for consistent and reliability in providing its services

~ In-land transport services since 2013 and have been preferred transporter for over 28 years
~ Strongly recommends GG Trading and found this company to be very reliable, responsible and services above average

Contact &/or Other Information:

Mr. Hsu Yun Shen (PIC) #
+60 16 8308986
Mr. Hsu Yun Shen (PIC) #
+60 11 10886889
Mr. Hsu Tze Ming #
+60 16 8339727
ggtradingtrans [at] gmail [dot] com
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