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The Beginning of the Fook Yuen Brand

The Fook Yuen brand originates from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and its coffee shop business started on 19th November 1998 by two respectable men and good friends.


The elements that drive Fook Yuen business...

The name " 富源 " or Fook Yuen as known to many, would literally mean 'Source of Wealth'.  This auspicious name was given by its founders and it was chosen as both of them aspire to earn more money.  To achieve this dream, both of them started building up the business and worked very hard in order to make their bread's taste, special and different from the other existing bakeries.  Those days, at times, they could not even earn a single cent despite working industriously and diligently from dawn to night!!!

NOW, they had achieved it!!! And their current vision is to be the 1st SABAHAN brand to penetrate the rest of Malaysia inclusive of the international market!!!  

Fook Yuen intends to achieve their vision through serving of Fook Yuen food and beverages with exceptional quality at affordable prices to all customers, without exceptions, through the franchising system.  

Both founders have 3 main objectives in operating the Food Yuen business and these are:

  • To have returning customers;
  • To have customers returning happily; and
  • To be a treasured F&B brand to all customers, from all walks of life. 

Their business philosophy is, good and affordable food is a necessity for all and Fook Yuen wants to be the one to fulfill this necessity to all, while maintaining good quality and hygienic practices in the food and beverages productions.  To ensure quality and to maintain the good name of their brand, Fook Yuen's bread and buns are made free of preservatives.

They have even adopted a new business tagline and it is 'Fook Yuen, F&B for ALL'.

Fook Yuen has also implemented a quality policy at all its outlets and it is 'Serve FRESHLY produced F&B daily to attract more returning customers; practice good hygiene in the production of food & beverages; and serve ALL produced F&B daily to minimize wastage.'


The development and growth of Fook Yuen business...

Fook Yuen DamaiThe 1st outlet and also the catalyst for its popularity was the Fook Yuen coffee shop cum bakery at the Damai Plaza, Luyang (Damai) in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.






Fook Yuen Damai Bakery

It started with a typical coffee shop design / set up i.e. with waitresses taking orders and cashiers collecting payments from each table and up to today, it still maintains its typical set up though with an additional section for bakery sales.  




Over the years, Fook Yuen has grown and expanded to include 7 other outlets within Kota Kinabalu city, FT Labuan, Penampang and Lahad Datu in Malaysia and has recently opened its door to the China customers in Dongguan, China.  Realizing the demand for the supplied food and beverages for all its outlets, Fook Yuen invested in a property in Makat Industrial Estate and turned it into its central production unit, producing and supplying most of the food and bakery items offered at all its commercial outlets.  

Fook Yuen @ Asia City

Fook Yuen Asia City


Fook Yuen @ Gaya Street 

Fook Yuen Asia City


Fook Yuen @ Kelombong (2014)

Fook Yuen Kelombong <>Fook Yuen Kelombong Cafe & Cold Storage


Fook Yuen @ Lahad Datu (2015)

Fook Yuen LD at Darvel Bay     Fook Yuen LD at Darvel Bay


Fook Yuen @ Labuan (2014)



Fook Yuen @ Plaza 333 (2015)



Fook Yuen @ Putatan (2016)

Fook Yuen Putatan at One Mall      Fook Yuen Putatan at One Mall


Fook Yuen @ Shenzhen (2017)


As shown in the pictures above, Fook Yuen has applied a more contemporary layout design enhanced with self-service concept for the other outlets as compared with the Damai original outlet's typical coffee shop set up albeit with an additional section for bakery sales.

After getting JAKIM halal certification for the two (2) of its modern-designed outlets i.e. Fook Yuen @ Asia City and Gaya Street prior to year 2013, Fook Yuen was able to realize its objective of opening its doors to all Muslims customers which is in line with 'F&B for All' business tagline.  With this in mind, Fook Yuen invested further to get its central processing unit to be certified with MESTI and Halal.  Upon successful application for the central unit, Fook Yuen will then be able to renew its Halal certification for the mentioned two (2) outlets and apply for Halal certification for the rest of its six (6) outlets, including its original Damai coffee shop and Fook Yuen @ Labuan.


Fook Yuen's road to success...

Fook Yuen offers a variety of food and beverages at all of its outlets in Sabah and FT Labuan, Malaysia and in Dongguan, China.  Fook yuen's signature food and beverage that are consistently ordered by satisfied customers at all of its outlets is the Fook Yuen self-made bread which are baked fresh daily and served as 'Roti Kahwin' and its special and tasty 'Teh C' beverage.


Fook Yuen's other famous food include their chicken-based dim sums and their selections of yong tau foos (cooked fresh fish paste stuffed within a variety of vegetables, tofu and bean based food) which are served at all of its outlets in Kota Kinabalu, Labuan, Lahad Datu and now also available in Dongguan China!

It has been popularized by its customers, locally and overseas, as THE place for 'yum cha' at any time of the day. It is also a place for you to have complete meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many visitors to Sabah claims that visiting Sabah will not be complete without a 'yum cha' session at the Fook Yuen coffee shop.   

 As of January 2018, Fook Yuen was rated as top 10 out of 185 restaurants in Sabah as published in the Malaysia Most Wanted Food online!


The Fook Yuen Brand to the Public

And we quote from online postings...

"Fook Yuen is a 'yumcha' hotspot in KK. There had three branches which located respectively at Damai, Asia City and Gaya Street. Unlike the franchised kopitiams, Fook Yuen is a local kopitiam which offers great beverages and food at a reasonable prices with comfortable dining environment." ~ Everyday Food I Love, May 2012 {}

"The bread is baked daily, local thick iced coffee, local thick iced coffee, nasi lemak bungkus, fried noodles, fried vermicelli topped with stuffed beancurd, fried vermicelli topped with stuffed beancurd" ~ Malaysia Most Wanted Food, January 2013 {}

Bread Haven #1 – Fook Yuen opens until late at night; a favourite haunt among the locals as this will be the traditional kopitiam challenging the omnipresent Old Town and such. ~  Motormouth from Ipoh - A Malaysian Food Blog 20 June 2011 {}

"Saya kerap berkunjung ke Kota Kinabalu, samada atas urusan kerja, mahupun melancong (termasuk honeymoon =) ). Salah satu spot makan pilihan saya untuk sarapan pagi, adalah Fook Yuen. Ha! Jangan terperanjat, walaupun Restoran ni namanya melambangkan pemilikannya dari kaum tiong hua, namun restoran ni memiliki sijil halal Jakim." ~ Jom Makan 22 October 2012 {}

The online postings continue...

"The bread had arrived…The toasted bread … ..OOOHHHHHHH…..this was sooooo wonderful, I don’t think I have tasted bread as good as this my whole life (told ya I was in a drama queen mode) , the texture of the bread was so fine, you get a clean bite each time. The kaya + butter combination ( no, I didn’t take a peak at how much butter was between the bread) was superb. Everything was superb!" ~ Bual Bual Kosong blogger {}

"I would describe this cafe as an upscale coffeehouse with really low prices. You would not expect such ambiance from a coffeehouse that basically serves local style fast food, but the colors, decor and lighting makes it an inviting place to take a break. While it is not air-conditioned, it is quite cool and offers a nice respite from the tropical heat." ~ Sabah Travel Guide {}

"Fook Yuen actually needs little introduction to KK-siders but if you’re a visitor, this is the place to go to give in to your bread cravings.  Arguably the most popular tea-time snack in Kota Kinabalu, Fook Yuen Damai does Roti Kahwin the best... Contributing to Fook Yuen’s success (they now have 4 branches) are the quality of their drinks. They make it a point to keep their glasses steaming hot as to avoid the contents cooling before you get to drink it. Try some local pulled tea called Teh Tarik with your soft bread and you’ll be sighing a sigh of contentment." ~ {}

And the online postings continues... on and on and on...go ahead and google 'Fook Yuen' yourself :)


Fook Yuen's Future

Fook Yuen has now opened its door to anyone who is interested to franchise its business.  Do contact the Fook Yuen Franchise Representative for further info! 

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