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Sound Sleep with Durable & Flexible Mattresses
Dura Foam's Vision

We aspire to be the leading bedding manufacturer in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia, the rest of Malaysia as well as the other ASEAN countries.
Dura Foam's Mission

We strive to continue in understanding our market, the changes and needs of the people.  Armed with such valuable information, we will continue to design and manufacture bedding products to help Sabahans, Sarawakians, Labuanians, Malaysians, Bruneians as well as people from other areas to get sound sleep with durable and flexible mattresses. 
About Dura Foam

More than 7 years ago, in year 2005, Dura Foam Sdn Bhd (674599-H) started its manufacturing business with 10 employees.  Now, in year 2013, Dura Foam has grown and expanded its business with employee strength over 80 and manufacturing facility of over 90,000 sq. ft.  We are located in Penampang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia (refer to map for clearer direction).

We have been manufacturing and selling top quality bedding products to our authorized distributors in Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan FT and Brunei since its commencement.

We pride ourselves in being one of the major bedding manufacturers that utilizes innovative technology to help Sabahans, Sarawakians, Labuanians, Malaysians and Bruneians get good, comfortable and hopefully sound sleep at any time of the day, at affordable price.  

Our core production, most favoured and most prized bedding brand is 'DURAFLEX' as carried by our Company's registered mark and logo, as shown below:


Currently, we supply various types of mattresses at standard sizes, inclusive of 

  • pocket spring mattresses,
  • continuous spring mattresses,
  • memory foam mattresses,
  • latex mattresses,
  • reborn foam mattresses, and
  • normal foam mattresses.

We will continue to improve on our brand-named products, which have contributed significantly to our business expansion, such as

  • Kingston pocket spring mattress,
  • Madison pocket spring mattress,
  • Giovenitti latex pocket spring mattress,
  • Meterasso memofoam pocket spring mattress,
  • Pure touch continuous spring mattress,
  • Memory touch pocket spring mattress,
  • Salina spring mattress,
  • Mono spring mattress,
  • Duraflex super foam mattress

As well as many of our other own branded products.  We will continue to produce new brands to meet the demands in Malaysia and other countries.

Our mattresses collections are complemented by own manufactured Dura Foam Divans and Headboards.  We have a selection of over 300 types of PU leathers for divan and headboard sets.  Other products manufactured at our facility include pull out beds in standard sizes.

We supply pre-set bedding packages as well as accept orders for customized requirements from our authorized distributors.  Examples of our pre-set bedding packages:

i.  DURAFLEX DF232B (Good Night Sleep Tight)

Dura Flex Good Night Sleep

ii. DURAFLEX DF231B (Good Night Sleep Tight)

Dura Flex Good Night Sleep

iii. DURAFLEX DSF444 (Good Night Sleep Tight)

Dura Flex Good Night Sleep


Dura Foam's Commitment to Safety & Quality

We emphasize on safe practices at our manufacturing facility as well as our deliveries.

We also practice continuous quality check on all our productions and distribution lines to ensure that only good quality products are prepared and delivered to our authorized distributors.  Ultimately, we aim to deliver good quality products to our authorized distributors and eventually to the end users at all times.

To complement our quality commitment and policy, we provide up to 15 years warranty for our products, depending on the mattress range.

Dura Foam's Product & Services

Pocket Spring type

The main reasons why pocket spring mattresses are chosen by end users:

  • Very firm orthopedic mattresses and provide support for one’s body, especially one’s back;
  • High quality spring preventing one from rolling together thus, allowing one to sleep without disturbance – a superb mattress for restless sleepers;
  • Adds 100% more comfort with the addition of specialized foam layer;
  • Springs last longer than other types of mattresses and thus, durable; and
  • Pocket coils beds are light and very cool to sleep on.

At Dura Foam, we are proud to say that we have successfully incorporated the above features and we will continue to manufacture pre-compressed coils to make our pocket spring mattresses firmer and allow maximum motion separation between the sides of the bed.

Continuous Spring type

Continuous Spring feature

Continuous spring mattresses feature the following benefits:

  • It avoids fracture of traditional spring due to overload and fatigue of steel wire caused by forced mechanical bending of spring joint;
  • It features one steel wire one-time shaping chain structure, with the advantages of even bearing capacity, rational, jointless, fracture-free, sink-free structure and high elasticity;
  • Its fatigue strength, yield limit is unparalleled;
  • It is designed based on body weight distribution and backbone positions;
  • It combines the functions of body protection, waist protection and health caring, reputed as "comfortable sleeping spring“; and
  • Springs last longer than other types of mattresses and thus, durable.

At Dura Foam, we have successfully incorporated the above features into our mattresses and we are proud to say that our continuous spring mattresses have been one of the top selling mattresses since its production.  We intend to continuously follow changes in technology to further improve the quality of our mattresses.

Memory foam type

Another type of mattress that we have successfully produced to date is the memory foam mattresses.  Our memory foam mattresses are:

  • Durable & long lasting;
  • Flexible, as one can sleep on any sides of the bed and still feel comfortable;Fast recovery to original shape;
  • Allow mattress to mold to a warm body;
  • Able to keep one's body warm; and
  • Impact of body's natural pressure points is reduced.

     Pure touch

Memory foam is now the leading type of foam in the bedding industry in both the US and Europe and is also gaining popularity in the rest of the world.

We pride ourselves in our manufacturing equipment as we are able to produce faster recovery memory foams, to meet the market demand in East Malaysia, Labuan FT & Brunei.

Latex type

Lastly but not least, our latex mattresses are often sought for by end users as

  • It is simply irresistible and comfortable;
  • It is durable and long lasting;
  • Its flexibility allows one to sleep on any sides of the bed and still feel comfortable;
  • It is soft but firm to one's touch;
  • It contours to one's body shape, taking the pressure of one's trigger points - an excellent choice for anyone with back, shoulder or neck complications

     Latex feature


Dura Foam's Specialization

Essentially, at DURA FOAM, we want to give the maximum benefits from all of the available types of mattresses to the end users!  To make that possible, we have formulated specific requirements for all our mattresses and we take great pride in our end products, which are often being sought by Sabahans, Sarawakians, Labuanians, Malaysians as well as Bruneians.

The flexibility of our foams and our springs provide very precise support and better comfort for one’s body and allows for maximum pressure relief and motion separation. Coupled these with Dura Foam’s special combination of specifications, end users are therefore able to enjoy sound sleep with durable and flexible mattresses.

Divan & Headboard Sets

At Dura Foam, we offer varieties of PU leathers and we are proud to say that we have over 300 types of leather materials with different colors and designs available for our authorized distributors to choose from.

Dura Foam's Value Added Services

  • Delivery to authorized distributors’ warehouse or showrooms;
  • Updates on new products or designs in order to help our authorized distributors increase their varieties of bedding products as well as help them keep an updated and latest choice of bedding products at their establishments; and
  • After sales services with 48 hours response time.

Dura Foam's Business Segments & Opportunities

We currently supply to Penampang, Kota Kinabalu, major towns and small interior districts in Sabah as well as to Sarawak, Labuan FT, rest of Malaysia and Brunei.

We look forward to supply to our neighboring countries, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, etc.

Nevertheless, we still and will always be open for new distributers within Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan FT, rest of Malaysia and Brunei.

Therefore, we would like to invite new distributors that are interested in providing ‘Sound Sleep with Durable & Flexible Mattresses’ to your customers, to contact us for further discussion and opportunities.


Contact &/or Other Information:

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duraflexmt [at] gmail [dot] com
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