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Your Business, We Introduce!

And be FOUND and be KNOWN through CAVY E, eBLitzNet and RICent!


CAVY E or its official business name, CAVY Enterprise, started its operation officially on 23rd January 2013.  We own a business listing website at and will be having a call center in the the future.  Apart from the Company logo as shown here, each business division of CAVY Enterprise is represented with its own logo i.e. CAVY E, eblitznet and RICent.  To know more about CAVY E, eBLitzNet and RICent, do visit our 'About Us' section in our website.

Our vision >>> To be THE business reference center for all users as well as a trusted and valuable partner to our Clients and customers.

Our mission >>> Enlist businesses with eBLitzNet and provide other value added services to help them grow and improve.

About our founder...

  • It's a she;
  • She has graduated with an Accounting and Finance Degree from De' Montfort University of United Kingdom in year 1999;
  • She has held multiple portfolios and undertaken various responsibilities including sales & marketing, external auditing in various industries, accounting, internal auditing of various functions, credit analysis, risk management, project coordination and general management;
  • Her last positions were (i) the Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management of Salcon Berhad, a public listed company based in Subang Jaya, Selangor, (ii) the Project Coordinator for a sewage project in Kota Kinabalu Sabah by Salcon Berhad's subsidiary, and (iii) person in charge for another subsidiary i.e. in a trading and service business, of Salcon Berhad in Kota Kinabalu Sabah;
  • She is an Associate member of the Institute of Internal Audit of Malaysia and is currently pursuing the Certified Internal Auditor professional certification.


Now back to our business...


Together with our IT Partner, SVN, we started off by launching the business page of the website at 1121 hours.  For more information on the features of a business page, do visit our 'Products & Services Overview' section under 'eBLitzNet' column in our website.  Our price starts from RM8 per month!!!  Now, everyone can own a business page and introduce their business(es) online!  All you need to do is to register with us.  We'll even help you with your business profile, if you do not already have one. 

With your own business page, your customers will be able to briefly KNOW about your business, what you do, what you have, where you are and how they can make the connection with you.

For those who have your own website, you can share the link of your website in your business page.  These businesses will have added advantage as their customers will be able to immediately tour the businesses' shop / company virtually.      


Alternatives in the market...

There are many... too many in fact.  So which one is good or better?  All we can say is, it depends on what you want and what you need.  If you need one that is serious about introducing your businesses and one that cares about the quality of your businesses, we would like to request that you try us, CAVY E. 

We provide, not only online business pages, but also:

  • Promotions Listing
  • Vacancies Listing
  • Printable online coupons;   
  • Request Information Centre;
  • Customers comments analysis;
  • Feedback to registered Clients;
  • Backend office support services for any businesses without proper offices;
  • Rental of meeting rooms for those requiring a proper meeting space in Kota Kinabalu; and
  • many more customized and professional services on project basis.

All are offered at minimal charges.

So, if you are interested and if our representatives have not found you yet, do call us and our representatives will be more than happy to attend to you.  However, due to the locality of every businesses, we may need time to finally meet you.  So, do be patient with us and if it is absolutely not possible for a meeting, we'll find a way to get you registered... We always believe that 'where there is a will, there is a way'... all we need to do is to want it to happen.  

Having said all the above, we want to stress that we are SERIOUS about having a USEFUL directory listing and introducing businesses to all!  Our intention is not just building a directory or a listing, what we want is, for businesses to be FOUND and KNOWN to others.  So, don't wait any longer and let us work together to build one good directory for everyone, including ourselves, to refer to.


Connect with us... Contact us...



Contact &/or Other Information:

+60 16 770 6211
cavyenterprise [at] gmail [dot] com
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9:00 AM
6:00 PM
Our Products &/or Services: 
Electronic Business Listing Network (eBLitzNet)
Request Information Center (RICent)

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