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~ Vision ~


~ Mission ~

“ We strive as a world class premier company to promote and nurture creativity, innovation, eco-friendly and sustainable practice peak performing in entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors in Malaysia, ASEAN and Asia to carry out projects that expand communities self-help entrepreneurship that benefit the lower income and backwards communities.”

~ Company Introduction ~

AEI Soma Vita Sdn Bhd (Co. No. 1149793-M) was established in Kota Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia on 25th June 2015, mainly due to the passion of two senior directors Chin Chee Thau and Dr. Jes T Y Lim, to impart internationally proven street smart essential practical entrepreneurship knowledge to the youths, new start-ups and existing entrepreneurs in Malaysia, ASEAN and the rest of Asia that would benefit low wealth and income communities especially rural villages. 

Our founder and Executive Chairman, Dr.  Lim Tyng Yee, has worked in senior positions in several multinational companies that spanned most part of the world.  He has vast experience in corporate recovery work and a successful well branded website at and and through the Qi-Mag International Institute in Sri Lanka, he has developed the biggest international consulting team in international business turnarounds and the Feng-Shui Market.  With his associated team operating in 52 countries, he has helped many companies to gain new dynamics and consistent success by applying his broad understanding of Business Feng-Shui and corporate recovery experience.  His prominent clients are leading multinational enterprises like Bosch-Siemen world Head Office, BMW Car Group Head Office in Munich, Germany and top business managers are taking advantage of his knowledge and international experience having done business in 52 countries in order to generate consistent success in business. 

Qi-Mag means Qi (vital energy) and Mag (magnetism), so attracting vital energy and consequently good health, fortune, and success.  Currently, Qi-Mag’s vision and practices are being applied throughout New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, Mexico, Canada, USA and 45 other countries through his students and associates. He has registered a trademark in Malaysia under the trade-mark "Green-Blue-Clean"  to promote produce and new products coming from Sabah, Sarawak and Malaysia's SME companies with the tagline of ‘Green-Blue-Clean Sabah’ and ‘Green-Blue-Clean Sarawak’ etc to promote organic and eco-friendly products.  This trade-mark will be transferred to AEI once it is registered with MYIPO. He has registered another two trademarks namely “Joya-N-Hapi” to develop and promote niche tourism products. The “Vita-Eco” trade-mark to promote healthy and eco-friendly buildings and homes according to German’s building biology, USA’s Green and Qi-Mag proven Feng Shui standards in Malaysia and throughout Asia. 

Dr. Jes T. Y Lim is well known for his high stamina, powered drive and ability to create new products and activities and launching of new NGOs for the benefit of youths and communities.  Dr. Jes T Y Lim’s extensive biodata is available upon request via email to helloataeiwellness [dot] com.

Our Deputy Chairman, Mr. Chin Chee Thau, has worked in senior positions in several multinational companies and has vast experience in marketing, management, manufacturing operations and as motivational speakers and trainers in leadership, customer services, business start-ups and marketing.  Mr. Chin’s detailed resume is available upon request via email to helloataeiwellness [dot] com.

Both of them have worked in senior positions in multinational companies such as Boustead Trading, Sime Darby and Inchcape groups in Malaysia and Fletcher Fishing Ltd group in New Zealand and Australia.  Collectively, they have gained over 110 years of experience in training, trading, commerce and marketing, business matching and startups new ventures.  With these vast knowledge and experiences, both directors aspire to train, coach and mentor more youths and young adults to be successful in their life, career and business as peak performance entrepreneurs.

To grow and expand AEI, our directors with 145 years of business experience covering a wide varieties of businesses, being attuned to the current economy and changing trends in the world and having educational visits to 73 countries and doing business in 52 countries, have decided that the best way to go forward is for AEI to apply the important factors driving economic growth in the world today and these include internet growth, environmental issues, cost effectiveness and evolving technologies. 

To expedite our mission, AEI has taken over CAVY Enterprise’s online business on 25th November 2016, through its web portal at and expansion plans are being developed in line with the company’s objectives as outlined in the following pages of this document.  CAVY Enterprise has been experiencing funding and manpower constraints as our sole owner, Ms. Cleopatra Susan Lajawai, a Sino-Kadazan, a single mother of two young kids was fighting to make ends meet.  Ms. Cleopatra’s extensive biodata is available upon request via email to helloataeiwellness [dot] com. With the new shareholders and Ms. Cleopatra as the Chief Executive Officer, the online business can now be reactivated and expand to achieve its goals through AEI.  

AEI with our experienced directors and with our vast local and export market exposures , we aspire to be Government’s partner to promote and train, coach and mentor more successful SME and Bumiputera entrepreneurs initially in Malaysia using Kota Kinabalu as our ASEAN regional and world head office.  With this aspiration deeply rooted into our mind and heart, we will set up a center in the heart of Kota Kinabalu city especially for new start-ups and entrepreneurs to meet, mingle, networking, learn and to seek advises from expertise connected through AEI. 

AEI’s immediate focus is to be a champion to support and mentor new start-ups businesses and to encourage and support successful SMEs from Sabah and Sarawak to expand and improve the quality and local uniqueness of their products and services to international standards for export; cost effective and improve income of SMEs and create more higher pay jobs for citizens of Sabah and Sarawak as well as to support village cottage industries and add value to their farm produce and products to reduce rural poverty and improve their quality of life.

At the moment, no company in Sabah and Sarawak and also possibly in Malaysia with similar experienced personnel to fulfill a vision similar to ours in full support of Malaysian and Sabah/Sarawak Government’s policies on promotion of SME and bumiputeras and women participation in business and social economic projects. 

~ Compelling Reasons To Start Our Business ~

  • There are SMEs in Sabah, Sarawak and West Malaysia, particularly those in smaller township areas and rural communities, are hidden from the main stream economic radar leading to stagnant or poor growth in its business and economic sectors bumiputeras and single parents, rural entrepreneurs and those SMEs, have no capital and support to set-up their own advertising media and website. Bringing them to join the world wide web through our web portal and also give them immediate market exposures on our web and organized open festivals / events. These events will expose them at low affordable cost for them and their business thereby creating more opportunities for them to grow as well as creating more jobs within their local communities.  By placing them online, we are creating an opportunity for SMEs especially those with low capital entry in Malaysia to be at equal stand in the electronic marketplace worldwide;

  • The existence of hidden ‘gems’ and ‘strengths’ of Malaysians and in ASEAN and Asia, due to lack of experience, commercial support and capital, restricted new local inventions, innovations and creations to the domestic markets.  Uncovering these hidden local inventors, innovators and creators’ products and services, and promoting them to the international marketplace will lead to significant market expansion for them and provide a boost to this country’s economy and creating more jobs;

  • Many start-up entrepreneurs are lacking the important practical knowledge and wisdom to develop niche marketing and to strategize to succeed in their businesses. Identification of these entrepreneurs, educating and mentoring them to proven peak performance, street smart entrepreneurship and leadership wisdom will significantly boost their confidence and knowledge to drive their business to greater financial success;

  • Despite having digital technology in the country, the current economy conditions in Malaysia (especially in Sabah / Sarawak being far away from main focused international commercial events) and Asia in general, calls for a breakthrough in creativity, innovative and disruptive solutions to promote global commerce, trade, wealth creation and improve communities quality of life and the reduction of poverty.

~ Our Base ~


~ Our Business Offerings (Products & Services) ~

  1. Provide web portal at with 8 levels down to cover wider data capture and information to support and promote wider range of businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs and SMEs;
  2. E-commerce portal to advertise and market local SME products especially new products, new services, niche businesses, cultural and village economic activities and local unique herbal remedies, herbal drinks and value-added food and services;
  3. To support and mentor new start-ups and bumiputeras and women entrepreneurs to commercialize their products, farm value-added produce, services and business matching for domestic and international markets;
  4. Trademarked solutions to certify healthy buildings e.g. Vita-Eco™ Building;
  5. Promotion of 500 tourism products e.g. 500 “Joya-N-Hapi” in Sabah / Sarawak;
  6. Promotion of unique – green products e.g. “Green-Blue-Clean” Sabah / Sarawak products and farm produce;
  7. To support appropriate knowledge based capacity expansion for SMEs to export and international business matching to buyers;
  8. To create and support new and expanded festivals, fairs and trade events and exhibitions to support SME and new entrepreneurs to show-case and promote their products and services;
  9. Provide training, mentoring and edu-web programs to entrepreneurs especially to bumiputeras and women entrepreneurs, aiming at equipping them with street smart techniques for business applications and market their products;
  10. Edu-web programs available for download through web portal and E-commerce portal; AND
  11. To expand services to the whole of ASEAN, Asia and globally.


Our Executive Chairman has registered three (3) Malaysian trade-marks: 

  1. "Green-Blue-Clean"  to promote produce and new products coming from Sabah and Sarawak's SME companies with the tagline of ‘Green-Blue-Clean Sabah’ and ‘Green-Blue-Clean Sarawak’ to depict the green eco and organic nature of these products / produce;  
  2. “Joya-N-Hapi” to promote Sabah and Sarawak as unique tourism destinations to the world e.g. 300 Joya-N-Hapi-Sabah tourist programs in Sabah (i.e. 300 tourist activities in Sabah); 150 Joya-N-Hapi-Sarawak tourists programs in Sarawak in partnership with Tourism Boards and tourism business stake-holders.  This is a disruptive technique to list the activities foreign tourisms can enjoy and participate in;
  3. “Vita-Eco” to promote, teach and certify healthy and eco-green and Feng Shui rated homes and buildings consultants from around the world and listing of developers and building properties throughout Malaysia, ASEAN, Asia and globally with “Vita-Eco” quality seals. This quality seal is a disruptive quality seal standard, the first in Asia! 

~ Business Coverage & Target Market ~


For our web portal, the current niche of our business is in Sabah, Sarawak and West Malaysia and it includes NGOs, companies and businesses registered with the local authorities or Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM), Government entities, schools or pre-schools and freelancers. 

For E-commerce and mentorship / training programs, our targeted niche is the SMEs or entrepreneurs and our immediate focus is towards bumiputeras and women entrepreneurs in Sabah, Sarawak and West Malaysia. 


~ Management Summary ~


  • Federation of Sabah Industries (FSI) (Advisor and Founding President, 1983)
  • Sabah Employers Association
  • Sabah International Expo
  • Sabah Chinese Chambers of Commerce
  • Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce, Sabah Branch
  • Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers
  • Lions International
  • Junior Chamber of Commerce
  • Qi-Mag Institute Global (Founder)


  • Federation of Sabah Industries (FSI), Past Secretary-General
  • Federation of Sabah Industries (FSI), Present Honorary Secretary
  • Life Member of Sze Yi Association West Coast


  • Associate Member of Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia (AMIIA)
  • Sabah Women Entrepreneur & Professional Association (SWEPA), Ordinary Member
  • SWEPA Barefoot Solar Project, Project Secretary


~ Business Opportunities ~

We look for any individuals, companies, organizations or Government bodies for partnership in educating and training of individuals, entrepreneurs or non-business people, to upgrade, improve, transform and better their lifestyle, be it for monetary purposes or simply for a healthier lifestyle. 

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